Enlitic joins with GE Healthcare to help PACS users improve workflow efficiency through data standardization utilizing Enlitic Curie™

Enlitic Inc., a leading healthcare IT company, announced a new long-term collaboration with GE Healthcare (GE) to improve operational efficiencies and outcomes for GE’s radiologists and patients around the world. GE will embed Enlitic’s proprietary AI based Curie platform into GE radiologist’s workflow to improve data standardization and drive efficiency and capacity within the system. Using AI-powered data normalization, it can aid radiologists to spend less time on non-diagnostic activities such as correcting broken hanging protocols.

“As we continue to grow, we seek to partner with best of class organizations such as GE Healthcare,” said Enlitic CEO. “GE has been a leader in the transformation of healthcare AI in radiology for decades, and we look forward to working together to bring innovative solutions to the market that will improve data access and accuracy to support more rapid and informed patient care decisions.”

Healthcare organizations often struggle with manual processes that impede the speed of care delivery. In radiology, radiologists can spend valuable reading time manually laying out their exams, a process which is worsened when descriptive exam data is not consistent or missing. The Enlitic Curie platform can aid radiologists to spend less time on non-diagnostic activities such as correcting broken hanging protocols.


Enlitic’s Standardize application can automatically adapt to clinical content across disparate systems by standardizing DICOM descriptions before transmission to PACS, increasing efficiency through consistent, complete, and correct labels. Doing so gives systems such as diagnostic viewers the ability to enable consistent hanging protocols, thereby saving radiologists 30-90 seconds per study, significantly improving productivity. In the future, it may help improve image routing and AI clinical application orchestration and enable streamlined research workflows with more accurate exam and imaging metadata.

“At GE Healthcare we have been a leader in bringing technology innovations to clinicians and radiologists,” said Tim Rose, Product Executive at GE Healthcare. “We are constantly evaluating products and organizations that provide greater efficiency and accuracy for our customers. Using the latest technology and resources such as Curie™ Standardize allows us to deliver these new tools more quickly to our frontline radiologists and clinicians.”

Enlitic and GE Collaborate