Enlitic data management solutions are installed in over 50 locations across Japan.

Marubeni Corporation and Enlitic are excited to announce the successful deployment of their innovative medical imaging AI solution in more than 50 hospitals and clinics across Japan. The partnership between Clairvo Technologies, a wholly owned subsidiary of Marubeni who are distributing medical devices in Japan, and Enlitic, a Fort Collins-based medical imaging data management company, has revolutionized radiology departments and improved patient outcomes.

Enlitic’s cutting-edge technology uses artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze medical images, providing quick and accurate feedback for a wide range of diseases. The successful roll-out of Enlitic’s technology has had a profound impact on reading workflows within radiology departments in Japan, increasing their capacity to do more studies and improving overall efficiencies.

“We are excited to see how quickly Clairvo and Marubeni have come up to speed to deliver Enlitic solutions to the Japanese market” said John Marshall, Enlitic Chief Revenue Officer. “Radiology teams in Japan are now able to analyze medical images more quickly and accurately, improving patient outcomes and overall satisfaction with healthcare services.”

“Marubeni, Clairvo and Enlitic are continuing their partnership to create new innovations that will further improve healthcare outcomes for patients in Japan.” said Riichi Yamada, President Clairvo Technologies. “We are collaborating on new technologies that will soon be hitting the market.”

Marubeni, Clairvo and Enlitic are dedicated to improving healthcare outcomes in Japan by bringing cutting-edge medical technology to healthcare providers. The successful roll-out of Enlitic’s technology in more than 50 hospitals and clinics across Japan is just the beginning of what promises to be a long and fruitful partnership.

Enlitic focuses the power of artificial intelligence into data management applications, enabling effective administration, processing, and sharing of patient data throughout the healthcare enterprise. The Enlitic Curie™ platform standardizes, protects, integrates, and analyzes data to create the foundation of a real-world evidence platform that improves clinical workflows, increases efficiencies, and expands capacity. Data management is critical to healthcare providers, as it enables effective patient information administration and leverages that information to improve patient care and operational efficiency. The vast amount of data, including patient records, medical images, and diagnostic results collected by providers can be organized, managed, and protected with the Enlitic Curie™ real-world evidence platform. Data becomes intelligence with Enlitic.

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