Healthcare provider segments represent different opportunities and vary in their scale, scope, and specialties, and understanding these distinctions helps in comprehending the diverse landscape of potential approaches to market. Enlitic’s technology is best positioned with larger facilities that generate large volumes of studies, with more than one facility generating radiology studies.

Healthcare Institutions and Hospitals:  These large medical facilities are equipped with a wide range of services, including emergency care, surgery, intensive care units, diagnostic imaging, and various medical specialties. Typically teaching hospitals are affiliated with medical schools and involved in medical education and research and are key targets in the hospital market. These organizations leverage Enlitic’s AI-powered data management solutions to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of medical imaging analysis, such as X-rays, CT scans, MRIs, and other diagnostic tests. Teaching and research hospitals would enhance the accuracy and efficiency of medical image analysis during drug development and clinical trials.

Radiology Clinics: This customer segment goes by many names in various parts of the world. Independent Diagnostic Imaging Centers, Medical Imaging Clinics, or Radiology Labs are outpatient facilities that provide medical services and are smaller and more focused than hospitals, catering to specific services such as radiology. They are privately-owned facilities that may collaborate with healthcare providers to create a seamless coordination of patient care. The twenty largest practices3 in the U.S. represent only 6% of all radiologists working in private clinics so the market is very fragmented. Enlitic’s technology is tailored to support radiologists in their day-to-day work. By assisting radiologists in finding patients, displaying studies, and improving their efficiency, Enlitic’s AI helps streamline radiology workflows and improve diagnostic outcomes.

Healthcare Technology Companies (OEM): Enlitic collaborates with other healthcare technology companies to integrate its AI algorithms into their existing medical platforms or solutions, expanding the reach of its diagnostic capabilities. Picture Archiving and Communication System, AI platform vendors, and data management companies are included in this segment. This segment also represents a route to market indirectly while providing the OEM with competitive differentiation.

Telemedicine/Teleradiology Providers: Teleradiology companies leverage Enlitic’s technology in facilitating remote diagnostics and improving healthcare delivery in underserved areas. These organizations suffer from the inconsistent naming conventions more than others due to the nature of their business in collaborating with multiple unrelated sites generating data.


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