October 16, 2023


David Wilson at dwilson@enlitic.com
Nick Cole at nick.cole@blackfordanalysis.com


Blackford, the pioneering enterprise AI platform and solution provider, are excited to announce their strategic commercial partnership aimed at advancing the standardization of medical imaging data. This collaboration will see Enlitic integrate its cutting-edge data standardization software, ENDEX™, with the Blackford Platform, creating a formidable alliance in the field of healthcare technology.

Enlitic’s ENDEX is a powerful data standardization solution designed to tackle the complexities and inconsistencies that often plague medical imaging data. By seamlessly integrating ENDEX with Blackford’s AI platform, healthcare professionals and institutions can now leverage standardized medical images, improving the workflow and efficiency of diagnoses.

The partnership between Enlitic and Blackford represents a significant milestone in the healthcare industry’s journey towards harnessing the full potential of AI and advanced data management. The collaboration aims to overcome the challenges related to interoperability, data fragmentation, and data quality, which have historically hindered the efficient utilization of medical imaging data and AI in radiology.

Key benefits of the Enlitic and Blackford partnership include:

  • By ensuring that medical imaging data is standardized and consistent, healthcare providers can expect more accurate and reliable data, leading to improved workflows.
  • The integration of ENDEX with the Blackford platform will streamline the AI orchestration process, saving valuable time for medical professionals.
  • Healthcare institutions and professionals will have access to standardized medical images, promoting collaboration, research, and knowledge sharing.
  • The partnership aligns with the evolving healthcare landscape, ensuring that medical imaging data remains adaptable and ready for integration with emerging technologies.

Michael Sistenich, CEO of Enlitic, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “We believe that the data standardization of ENDEX with the Blackford platform is the first step towards realizing the clinical and economic value of imaging data, enabling facilities to fully leverage their AI algorithms, create research data bases and execute on data monetization strategies. This partnership underscores our commitment to delivering innovative solutions that enhance patient care.”

Ben Panter, CEO of Blackford, also shared his optimism, saying, “The partnership with Enlitic aligns perfectly with our focus on innovation and improving the accessibility and management of medical imaging data for analysis and AI algorithms. Together, we aim to create a seamless and efficient ecosystem for medical professionals to make more informed decisions that improve the lives of patients.”

Visit Enlitic (Booth 4729) and Blackford (Booth 3951) at RSNA 2023 in Chicago, IL November 26-30 to learn more.


Enlitic focuses the power of artificial intelligence into data management and interoperability applications, enabling effective administration, processing, and sharing of patient data throughout the healthcare enterprise. Enlitic standardizes, protects, integrates, and analyzes data to create the foundation of a real-world evidence platform that improves clinical workflows, increases efficiencies, and expands capacity.

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Blackford are pioneers in the radiology AI space, with over a decade of experience working in partnership with leading hospitals and ground-breaking technology providers. We operate as a strategic AI partner, providing access to a tried-and-tested core platform, tailored services, and a portfolio of 100+ applications to help healthcare providers unlock the value of AI and improve patient outcomes.

Our collaboration and recent arms-length acquisition by Bayer ensures that our customers and partners have the support and long-term security needed to underpin successful AI strategies.

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