INFINITT will deploy Enlitic’s ENDEX data standardization solution in conjunction with the INIFINITT PACS to help radiologists and enterprise users.


Fort Collins, CO – Enlitic®, Inc., a leading innovator in data standardization, and INFINITT North America, a global enterprise imaging partner for medical institutions have entered into contractual arrangements in respect of licensing ENDEX™. This strategic commercial collaboration is aimed at advancing the standardization of medical imaging data. Enlitic’s data standardization software, ENDEX, will be integrated with the INFINITT PACS.

Enlitic® is dedicated to revolutionizing healthcare through the application of AI technology. Enlitic focuses the power of artificial intelligence into data management applications, enabling improved administration, processing, and sharing of patient data throughout the healthcare ecosystem. For example, ENDEX uses artificial intelligence to make hanging protocols work more consistently. As a result, workflow is improved, and valuable time is reclaimed by not only radiologists but also PACS Administrators, I.T. managers and technologists.

ENDEX is a robust data standardization solution crafted to address the complexities and inconsistencies often associated with medical imaging data. Through the seamless integration of ENDEX with INFINITT, healthcare professionals and institutions can harness standardized medical images, significantly enhancing the efficiency and workflow of diagnoses.

The partnership is poised to overcome challenges related to interoperability, data fragmentation, and data quality, historically impeding the effective utilization of medical imaging data and AI in radiology.

Key benefits end user benefits include:

  • Ensuring medical imaging data is standardized and consistent, offering healthcare providers more accurate and reliable data, leading to improved workflows.
  • Streamlining the AI orchestration process through the integration of ENDEX with the INFINITT PACS, saving valuable time for medical professionals.
  • Granting healthcare institutions and professionals access to standardized medical images, fostering collaboration, research, and knowledge sharing.
  • Aligning with the evolving healthcare landscape to ensure medical imaging data remains adaptable and ready for integration with emerging technologies.

Michael Sistenich, CEO of Enlitic, expressed, “The data standardization of ENDEX with the INFINITT PACS forms the foundation for achieving the clinical and economic value of imaging data. Working with INFINITT emphasizes our commitment to delivering innovative solutions that enhance patient care.”

David Smarro, President, and CEO of INFINITT, added, “This relationship with Enlitic will expand on our value to our customers and aligns with our mission to empower healthcare providers. The ENDEX solution will enable even more data interoperability for our customers.”


Enlitic focuses the power of artificial intelligence into data management and interoperability applications, enabling effective administration, processing, and sharing of patient data throughout the healthcare enterprise. Enlitic standardizes, protects, integrates, and analyzes data to create the foundation of a real-world evidence platform that improves clinical workflows, increases efficiencies, and expands capacity.

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