Clairvo Technologies, a Marubeni company, will market and sell Curie|ENDEX™, Curie|ENCOG™ and Enlitic’s CXR Focal Opacity module AI Applications.

Fort Collins, CO – Enlitic, Inc. and Marubeni Corporation have signed a license agreement providing Clairvo Technologies, a Marubeni company, access to Enlitic’s AI enabled technology solutions. Clairvo will go to market with Curie|ENDEX, Curie|ENCOG and Enlitic’s CXR Focal Opacity component in the Japanese radiology space in keeping with their mission of solving major impactful problems in the medical field.

Enlitic is reimaging healthcare by reimagining intelligence. The technology exists today to unlock the potential insights that exist within patient data, IF we look at how we use intelligence differently. By using AI enabled tools to solve the most basic of challenges faced by providers today, we can solve the downstream issues that plague IT deployments. We can speed up adoption rates of meaningful applications. Curie|ENDEX and Curie|ENCOG are the critical applications needed to resolve workflow challenges faced by radiologists and secure Protected Health information.

“Enlitic is excited to collaborate with a company like Clairvo that shares our philosophy and sense of mission” says Jim Conyers, CEO of Enlitic. “Together we are addressing issues in digital health utilizing advanced technologies like artificial intelligence. AI can address data standardization that solves issues with display protocols, routing rules, billing and coding challenges and incomplete, inaccurate or missing PHI.” Enlitic’s AI radiology solutions solve issues that have been ignored by vendors and yet impact so many downstream processes that ultimately impact clinical and operational efficiencies. What makes Enlitic unique is that no other vendor is thinking this way.

Clairvo aims to quickly commercialize the technologies and products of Enlitic and provides consistent support from regulatory application to distribution and sales. By bringing new technologies and products to the medical field, the number of diagnostic challenges that can be solved by technology will increase, and medical opportunities will increase.

“In Japan, where the birthrate is declining and the population is aging, various medical issues are piling up. While the number of patients is increasing, there is a shortage of medical staff, and medical expenses and insurance premiums are on the rise. Isn’t it time that the medical field is also required to improve productivity more than ever?” says Riichi Yamada, President of Clairvo Technologies. “Enlitic enables us to bring this cutting-edge technology to radiology providers in Japan and improve their workflows.” To improve medical disparities and extend healthy life expectancy, Clairvo is committed to continue to support manufacturers of diagnostic support products and AI developers around the world.


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Clairvo Technologies is a wholly owned subsidiary of Marubeni, providing various types of support to manufacturers of digital health products in Japan and overseas, with the mission of “delivering cutting-edge technology to medical settings in Japan and other Asian countries.” To quickly commercialize cutting-edge and excellent technologies and products of medical device manufacturers and deliver them to medical sites in Japan and Asia, Clairvo Technologies works with medical device manufacturers and medical field personnel.


Enlitic is a healthcare IT company that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) in applications to address issues plaguing healthcare. Our goal is to transform healthcare through the creation of the Enlitic Curie™ real-world evidence platform. Our flagship application, Curie|ENDEX™, uses AI to create clinically relevant hanging protocols, improves image routing and orchestration, and automatically standardizes DICOM descriptions making your medical imaging data more consistent, more reliable, and more useful…more intelligent.

Enlitic enables organizations to unlock insights from within their data and empower other technologies to realize their potential impact on patient care. Data becomes intelligence with Enlitic.

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