Enlitic looks to demonstrate how we can transform the way we deliver healthcare using artificial intelligence at RSNA 2022.

McCormick Place, Chicago – During the 108th Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) Conference November 27th – December 1st, 2022, Enlitic will be highlighting their Enlitic Curie™ platform along with Curie|ENDEX™ and Curie|ENCOG™ applications. In addition, they will be presenting how to successfully implement an AI strategy.

Enlitic is reimaging healthcare by reimagining intelligence. Unlocking the potential insights that exist within patient data can be accomplished IF we look at using intelligence differently. To deliver on the promises of precision medicine, on the promises of interoperability and the promises of healthcare reform, healthcare must use intelligence differently.


Curie|ENDEX uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to transform imaging data to a consistent, clinically relevant standard nomenclature. With mass amounts of data being available, it is paramount all data is standardized. This facilitates content to be linked across different Information Technology (IT) systems, allowing them to communicate. ENDEX enables consistent hanging protocols and improves image routing, benefiting the workflow in radiology departments.


Curie|ENCOG is an AI enabled de-identification and anonymization technology that removes and protects all Protected Health Information (PHI) with auditing and chain of custody capabilities. ENCOG uses computer vision and Natural Language Programming (NLP) to differentiate PHI from relevant clinical information.

Future of Medical Imaging

By using AI enabled tools to solve the most basic of challenges faced by providers today, Enlitic is solving the downstream issues that have plagued IT deployments for decades. Speeding up adoption rates of meaningful applications. Turning data into intelligence and providing insights that impact patient outcomes. Delivering a real-world evidence platform that truly delivers on all the promises healthcare vendors and providers are driving towards. This is Enlitic’s mission.

AI Theatre

Stop by the AI Theatre on Sunday, November 27th at 11AM to see our Vice President of Marketing, Dave Wilson, present 5 Steps to Your Successful AI Strategy and learn the essential factors that need to be considered.


Enlitic is a pioneer in developing the next generation of intelligent healthcare tools. Founded in 2014, the company takes a different approach to solving today’s healthcare challenges by addressing them throughout the clinical workflow – not just at one point in the process. Using Enlitic’s AI-enabled workflow solutions healthcare organizations can unlock the true value of their data in real-time providing time-saving solutions that help change patient lives, while giving clinicians and radiologists more freedom to focus on what is important on the job and in their everyday lives.

For more information, visit Enlitic at Booth 4360 South Hall in the AI Showcase or schedule a time to meet at RSNA 2022 https://enlitic.com/rsna-2022/