Vital Radiology Services looks to advance further its reporting technologies with A.I. enabled Curie|ENDEX™ application

Fort Collins, CO – Enlitic, Inc. and Vital Radiology Services have agreed to deploy the Enlitic Curie platform with Curie|ENDEX™ into Vital Radiology to help improve their reporting technologies. Vital Radiology reports over 500,000 scans per year and will benefit from using ENDEX to augment its PACS system, making its radiologists even more efficient.

Enlitic is reimaging healthcare by reimagining intelligence. By focusing on solving challenges that have plagued radiology for decades and delivering proven results, Enlitic’s solutions directly impact how radiologists and radiology departments work. For example, by using artificial intelligence differently, ENDEX can make hanging protocols work more consistently, removing frustrations that radiologists have accepted as standard operating procedures. As a result, workflow is improved, and valuable time is reclaimed by not only radiologists but PACS Administrators, I.T. managers and technologists.

“Our mission at Enlitic is to solve those core problems that can be addressed by using artificial intelligence differently,” says Jim Conyers, CEO of Enlitic. “It is crucial for the industry to know that by looking at how we utilize A.I. to solve these challenges, the more mainstream point solutions will generate a better ROI and simplify their adoption – that this has the potential to have long-term benefits. Vital Radiology sees this potential.”

Vital Radiology’s mission is to develop a world class innovative digital healthcare service that supports reading radiology exams from all over the world. With many disparate facilities sending studies to Vital, radiologists are challenged to report exams described in diverse ways efficiently. In addition, the time spent reorganizing series in a way that radiologists prefer requires unwarranted time.

“Our radiologists are a patient lot. They understand the challenges of reading for multiple sites and how it impacts their workflow. This is why deploying Curie|ENDEX is so exciting for us.” Says Dr. Ash Bhagat, Medical Director of Vital. “We are excited to get rolling with Enlitic and directly, positively impact the reporting workflow for our radiologists.”


Vital Radiology Services assures quality and superior outcomes. Vital Radiology has developed an in-house clinical governance framework based on the latest guidance to support and maintain the highest standards of clinical excellence. Their mission is to bring together the best people who are dedicated to providing and developing a world-class innovative digital healthcare service, positively impacting the patient care pathway and becoming a leading global digital healthcare service provide.


Enlitic is a healthcare IT company that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) in applications to address issues plaguing healthcare. Our goal is to transform healthcare through the creation of the Enlitic Curie™ real-world evidence platform. Our flagship application, Curie|ENDEX™, uses AI to create clinically relevant hanging protocols, improves image routing and orchestration, and automatically standardizes DICOM descriptions making your medical imaging data more consistent, more reliable, and more useful…more intelligent.
Enlitic enables organizations to unlock insights from within their data and empower other technologies to realize their potential impact on patient care. Data becomes intelligence with Enlitic. Learn more at

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